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Ranking System

In United States GOJU, a student entering karate is permitted to wear a black Gi (uniform) and a white Obi (belt). We also ask, above all else, that the student wear a white headband as a sign that he/she has entered the Dojo with a willingness to learn.

The rank progression is a follows -

White belt - 9th kyu
White belt with one Green stripe - 8th kyu
White belt with two Green stripes - 7th kyu
White belt with three Green stripes - 6th kyu
Green belt - 5th kyu
Purple belt - 4th kyu
Brown belt with three Black stripes - 3rd kyu
Brown belt with two Black stripes - 2nd kyu
Brown belt with one Black stripe - 1st kyu
Brown belt with no stripes - 0 KYU
When the last stripe is removed, the student is in testing for
Black Belt 1st Degree - Shodan

* Kyu is pronounced "cue" *


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