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Goju Karate (from the Japanese Go, meaning Hard, and Ju, meaning Soft) was originated by Master Chojun Miyagi. He combined the strong snap techniques of the Okinawan Style with the soft techniques of Chinese Kenpo. Goju is the Way of Hard and Soft.

Gogen Yamaguchi was Chojun Miyagi's successor as the head of the Goju Karate system. Known as "The Cat", he founded the first Goju school in Japan. Master Yamaguchi made great efforts to promote his art.

Peter Urban was a student of Gogen Yamaguchi. After receiving his master's degree in Japan, he returned to the United States and founded United States (Urban) Goju. Today it is the United States of America Goju Association (USAGA). You will see many different American Goju styles of Karate. They have all, in some way, stemmed from Master Urban.

A school of karate, or ryu (pronounced "roo") is similar to a family tree. The base, or root, is the founder. The limbs are the high ranking black belts. The leaves are the students, who later, as the tree grows, become the limbs.

Chojun Miyagi

Gogen Yamaguchi

Peter Urban

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